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Author Topic: Dealers Den Etiquette and Tips - by Etuix  (Read 788 times)


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Dealers Den Etiquette and Tips - by Etuix
« on: January 12, 2015, 07:41:17 pm »

Got permission from Etuix to post this. Her original journal can be found at http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6414728/

These are General tips for the DEALERS' DEN not general etiquette for how to behave at the con. Just the Dealer's Den.
Feel free to add suggestions for the Dealers' Den list


Dealer's Den Etiquette and Tips

- Bring CASH $$$!

Bring cash, and I am not talking $100 bills. Bring lots of smaller bills if you can, most artists only carry a small amount of change.
!!! Wi-Fi can be terrible in hotels as the dealers den is usually tucked away in the middle of the building, so card readers don't always work !!!

- Get there early!
I cannot stress this one enough!!!
Artists, especially popular ones, fill up fast. The earlier you get there, the more likely you are to get into their queue for the day. SOME artists take their whole queue for the weekend on the first day (I do not, btw), so be aware of that.
Get your commissions in on Friday & Saturday. This gives the artists plenty of time to finish the artwork.
~ Commissioning artists on Sunday can result in unfinished work & shipping costs :)

- Be prepared!
Bring references. I know nowadays most artists may have some digital device to look up references, but do not rely on that. And please do not be frustrated with the artists if they don't have such a device.

- Be aware! and Don't loiter!
We love it when you stop by for a quick chat, but realize you aren't the only one at the con who might want to stop by our tiny table :)

- Try to keep it simple!
If you have a complex idea in mind, try to simplify it. Artists are typically swamped at conventions, and the simpler you make it for them, the happier they will be. Inquire about outside-con commissions for complex ideas :)

- Keep track, and come back!
It's never a bad idea to write down who you have commissioned!
Provide proper contact information when asked and if you have provided twitter/email/phone, make sure to check those for updates!
Don't: Check back every 5 minutes, it makes artists uncomfortable and actually slows us down! :)

- Pick-up
What to do when you come pick up a commission. Tell us who you are and what you are picking up!
We see hundreds people come by, don't take it personally if we don't recognize you (right away) and forgot which commission is for you :)

- Fursuiting & Dealer's Den:
~ It is hard to understand you through your fursuit head in the noisy den, if you plan on getting a commission consider coming to the DD when you are out of suit :) (also, it's hard to recognize you out of suit!)
~ Please do not try to buy things if your fursuit character doesn't speak. It's really hard for us trying to figure out what you want if you don't speak :)

Seriously. You are putting your food/drinks on our merchandise..
I personally had someone spill their coffee on my table, "luckily" it only destroyed extra paper, but I would've cried if it had been a commission I was working on.
Leave your food & drinks out of the Dealer's Den, please.

- Don't forget the Artist Alley/Marketplace & Art Show

Artist Alley/Market place is usually located just outside of the Dealer's Den, go check them out!
Art Show: Usually in a different room, go check it out & maybe even bid! :D

- Tip!
Artists aren't allowed to put out tip jars, but tips are appreciated and welcomed. Like the work they artist did? Like how they finished it in a timely manner? Show them! :D

- Familiarize yourself with the dealer's den map.


General Con Etiquette

- Personal Hygiene & Care

~ Take proper care of your own personal hygiene. Shower daily, use deodorant.
~ Brush your teeth or chew gum
~ Wash your hands & use hand sanitizer to reduce the chance of spreading con crud!
~ Eat properly & sleep well!

- Ask before touching!
~ Just like every day life, don't just randomly hug/touch people, ASK first.
~ Don't make a big deal if someone declines
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Re: Dealers Den Etiquette and Tips - by Etuix
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2015, 08:27:44 pm »

 :thumbs: This kitty agrees and approves this message! (Lol)
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Re: Dealers Den Etiquette and Tips - by Etuix
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2015, 11:42:17 pm »

:thumbs: This kitty agrees and approves this message! (Lol)

This kitty does as well. Thank you for the tips Temrin!
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