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Author Topic: VancouFur Board of Directors - general information  (Read 855 times)

Tony Greyfox

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VancouFur Board of Directors - general information
« on: June 07, 2014, 08:32:46 pm »

About the Board

The VancouFur Board of Directors is a group of people elected by current and former staff of the VancouFur convention to provide oversight and support to the yearly convention as well as to other activities within the Vancouver and area anthropomorphic arts and culture community.

The Board is primarily responsible for overseeing the operation of VancouFur, through appointment of the Convention Chair based on consultation with the community as well as through providing financial oversight. Its role is focused more on long-term activities and decisions such as operating policy and guidelines for the Chair and staff, and it has no direct authority over convention staff beyond providing support for the Chair.

The Board is made up of seven members. Six members are elected to three year terms, while a seventh is elected yearly to provide a community voice on the Board. Nominations for the Board are open to the current and former staff of VancouFur. Nominees are not required to have been on staff.

Current VancouFur Board of Directors

Rob "Aphinity" Harrison
Tank "Trapa" Winters (on hiatus except for bylaw and policy discussion)
Diamond "Mediar" Almas - Secretary
Lee "Tony Greyfox" Toop - President
Santino "Pdawg" Orioli
Stefanie "Faye" Harris - Vice-President
Shayley "Rhari" Duval - Community Representative

Contacting the Board

If you have questions or concerns that should be brought to the Board of Directors, please email board@vancoufur.ca or feel free to contact any of the individual Board members.
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Re: VancouFur Board of Directors - general information
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2017, 03:15:18 am »

The Board has a presense on the web at:

BCAEA What's Up

BCAEA Minutes

BCAEA Twitter

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