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So Kyris and I are in the midst of clearing out some stuff in the slow but steady aim of being ready for the married life. Very slow and steady since I still HAVE NO RING but hey I am totally able to wait a little longer. Just a little. ANYWAYS, in the meantime we have sorted through his stuff and decided what gets the axe. Here is a list of things we must get rid of - either someone picks them up or they end up at Value Village or some crap, I mean, poop.

A red and white dresser from IKEA
Every drawer works perfectly, it has stood up to the test of time so I highly doubt it will fall apart once it is in your hands.
Come and get it and its FREE

A personal dish washer - Danby MODEL DDW497W
This has one issue, which can be fixed if you are good with gadgets - the thermostat acts up and stops the wash mid-cycle. Otherwise this thing is only a few years old and handy for small spaces.
Come and get it and its FREE

Black 3-seater couch - IKEA MODEL 300.731.94
great condition, but since it was in storage I suggest you wash the cover (its machine washable)
Come and get it and its FREE

This thing is a beast, so bring a truck and two strong guys to lift it. It has wheel on the bottom so it is easy to move once in the house. It is in perfect working condition but it is HUGE and that is why we are letting it go.
Kyris wants 50$ for it but if you come for any of the other items as well then IT IS FREE.

They are currently being stored at the U-HAUL on King George and 84th av in Surrey. Let me know if you are interested in any of these items here and I will get you Kyris' details so you can meet him there for PICK UP OF YOUR TOTALLY AWESOME AND FREE ITEMS.

And if you are wondering where all my stuff is that I am giving away it's all in Montreal somewhere as I had to give most my possessions the axe years ago. I do have a few items to sell if you are interested, that I posted in an earlier post months ago, such as the pink Yoshi doll, the pirate vs. ninja pics, graphic novels including Fables and Y the Last Man, and PA.

Coal Silvermuzzle:
  Interested in the couch and dresser, but would have to arrange transport.

Well let me know ASAP, I need them all gone within 2 weeks so I am also looking to post on craigslist and kijiji if this doesn't pan out. Since I like you all, I posted here first  :-3

What are the dimensions of the dresser?

I don't have them, sorry.
I can give you a rough estimate of...
30 wide
19 deep
48 tall

That's me measuring my own dresser, which is very similar (also from IKEA but not for sale lol)

Sorry! I will try to give them to you if I go back to storage and someone hasn't already taken it.


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